Radio Latina de 10 a 14 de abril 2017

10.04.2017 to 14.04.2017

Na semana de 10 a 14 de Abril, convidamos à todos para ouvir as novidades da CCLCV no Programa Idéias e Negócios da Rádio Latina, onde conversamos assuntos para a semana toda com a Repórter Ana Albuquerque e a estágiaria Jessica. Estiveram presentes também Ana Barreiro e Fábio Biolcati, Coordenadores das ações da CCLCV. acompanhe em

Newcomers orientation courses for third-country nationals (in Portuguese)


Many newly-arrived persons, accompanying spouses, and family members do not enjoy the benefit of a relocation package and are left to find their own way regarding administrative procedures and settling in to their new life in the Grand Duchy.

Culture: Art Exhibition, Music and Poetry.


Mrs. Maria Gomes - Artists Training in Cape Verde.

Mornas: Music from Jorge Barros and Friends

Poetry: Manuel Alberto Rye and Jorge Soares

Education: Training for Cape Verdeans and Lusophone Citizens in Luxembourg and in their origin country through CCLCV


Mrs. Maria Gomes. - President of CCLCV – Welcome message. Mrs. Dr. Francisca Rocha - Vice Director of Nord Stad Lycée. School guidance in Luxembourg Cooperation Projects with Cape Verde. Mr. Pedro Cunha – Sport. 

Business Opportunities for private investment and business in Cape Verde


Mrs. Maria Gomes. - President of CCLCV – Welcome message. Mr. Karl Horsburgh - Swirl Secs - Wind Power. Mr. Rafael Cupin - Franchising Pets Assistance Company. Mr Fabio Biolcati - Made in Forest - Sustainable Economy of Cape Verde

Young Graduates, Business opportunity, discover the Committees on the CCLCV


Education and Training

Business Opportunities between Cape Verde and Luxembourg and in Luxembourg

Sustainable Tourism