Sponsorship helps us to achieve our goals and with our administration procedures.

Our Club Members are among the pillars of the of Luxembourgish and Cape Verdean economies and are from the highest institutions of both countries, working together on the implementation of projects in the banking and consulting sectors.   They are also directly involved in CCLCV projects.

The CEOs of these organisations are offered the opportunity to speak at our events.

Details of our sponsors can be found on our website. CEOs have direct access to our Club Network and our publications.

Bronze Club

This type of membership is designed "One-Person Companies" and those employing between 1 and 50 people.

The CCLCV offers a specific platform for your activities and development in the international market.

Services offered by the CCLCV:

Annual fee

Silver Club

This type of membership is aimed at companies employing between 50 and 100 people.

These companies are the backbone of the Luxembourgish and Cape Verdean economies; they are active across all economic sectors. Through innovative thinking and by being dynamic and competitive, they promote a positive image of the two countries.

Annual fee

Golden Club

This type of membership is primarily for organisations with at least 100 employees (in Luxembourg).  A company based in Cape Verde is automatically recognised for its contribution the Cape Verdean economy, even if it has a workforce of fewer than 100 employees.

For companies with at least 100 employees (in Luxembourg).

Annual fee